[Buildroot] [PATCH] package/linux-tools: introduce spi linux tools

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998 at free.fr
Thu Jun 4 21:59:41 UTC 2020

Eugen, Baruch, All,

On 2020-06-04 18:35 +0300, Baruch Siach spake thusly:
> On Thu, Jun 04 2020, Eugen.Hristev at microchip.com wrote:
> > Coming back to this, I noticed that the spidev_test package in buildroot 
> > is different than the spidev_test from kernel tools.
> The file you link to is a newer version. You can find the version that
> buildroot uses here:
>   https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/v4.10/source/tools/spi/spidev_test.c
> In my opinion, we can update to the latest version like any other
> upstream package.

This is not so clear-cut. As first approximation, I would have agreed.
And that is what I also initially suggested earlied in the thread.

However, that would be a regression to remove spidev_test in favour of
the one in linux-tools.

Indeed, it is today possible to build spidev_test even without building
a kernel. By moving it as a linux-tools, that would no longer be

And second, depending on the kernel version being used, there could be a
dependency on the jkernel headers version. If kernel >= 3.15,
spidev_tool would require a toolchain with headers >= 3.15 too.

But moving it as a linux-tools also makes it on-par with the other ones,
so this is acceptable too.

So, we have a few options (in my order of preference, but we can discuss

 1. introduce spidev_test as a linux-tools, drop the old one, and handle

 2. introduce spidev_test as a lijnux-tools, keep the old one for when a
    kernel is not being built.

 3. introduce spidev_test as a lijnux-tools, keep the old one for when
    the new linux-tools version is not enabled.

Option (1) makes it totally like any other linux-tools, and I am OK with
the regression of not being able to build it without a kernel. But I
understand that this is a regression.

Option (2) is my close-to-first second prefered option, as it does not
provide a rgression, at the expense of a bit of possible confusion for

Option (3) I do not like much, because it is even more confusing.

In either case, care must be taken to account for the kernel headers
version in the toolchain (which might be a prebuilt one older than the
selected kernel):

  - if the kernel is 3.15 or later, spidev_test requires a toolchain
    with headers at least 3.15

However, we do not have a way to know that situation... So either we
bite the bullet, and consider 3.15 are madnatory for spidev_test in
linux-tools, or we do a test at build time, whether spidev_test uses
SPI_TX_QUAD/SPI_RX_QUAD or not, and bail with an explicit error if thios
is the case and the toolchain uses older kernel headers...

Yann E. MORIN.

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