[Buildroot] [PATCH] qemu_aarch64_virt: use the in-kernel defconfig

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at bootlin.com
Sat Jul 4 21:01:36 UTC 2020

On Sat, 4 Jul 2020 17:41:39 +0200
Romain Naour <romain.naour at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Masahiro,
> Le 04/07/2020 à 16:18, Masahiro Yamada a écrit :
> > The defconfig file from the kernel tree works enough for the
> > qemu-system-aarch64 virt machine. Remove the custom config file.  
> I'm agree that we should use the architecture's default configuration when
> possible and use a defconfig fragment to enable (or disable) additional options.
> Note: The default defconfig contain more option enabled that the defconfig
> provided by Buildroot. The kernel build time is slightly increased.
> Can you compare the diff between the two defconfig ?
> If some options enabled in the custom linux.conf but not in the architecture's
> default configuration, we need to consider adding them in a defconfig fragment file.

The arm64 defconfig is really huge, as it builds supports for all arm64
platforms. I think it makes sense to have a smaller defconfig that
builds a kernel just for the Qemu AArch64 virt platform.

More than a diff between the two configs, I'd be more interested in
having details on the build time of both (and perhaps the resulting
kernel image size).

Best regards,

Thomas Petazzoni, CTO, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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