[Buildroot] external, how to achieve our needs?

Vadim Kochan vadim4j at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 21:59:53 UTC 2020

Hi All,

On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 5:14 PM Peter Korsgaard <peter at korsgaard.com> wrote:
> >>>>> "Ludovic" == Ludovic Desroches <ludovic.desroches at microchip.com> writes:
>  > Hi Mircea,
>  > On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 12:11:36PM +0000, Mircea GLIGA wrote:
>  >> Hi Ludovic,
>  >>
>  >> I also have this kind of problems when implementing our external,
>  >> sometimes is useful to 'override' or append to a recipe (Yocto
>  >> style).
>  >>
>  >> * I ended up "duplicating" recipes in our layer, e.g. bd-tcpdump
>  >> in order to build the package differently
>  > From the top of my head, I tried this and I got an error when duplicating
>  > the recipes in the external. Did you use other tricks?
> Buildrot uses a global namespace, so you have to rename the package (and
> the makefile/kconfig symbols) for it to work.
> It naturally only works for packages without any reverse dependencies as
> those packages doesn't know about your custom 'foo' package.

For me looks like it can be solved (did not tried yet) by:
1) Including BR2_EXTERNAL_MKS before include all the packages,

    and filter-out these which has set variable $(PKG)_OVERRIDE=y

    which means that external tree can contain some special version of
    package from the main Buildroot, and this custom .mk package can set
    XXX_OVERRIDE=YES to do not include the original package by main Makefile.

2) The custom Config.in should be not a problem as it should replace
original config

But I am not a Buildroot expert, so I might missed something.

Vadim Kochan

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