[Buildroot] [Bug 12416] qt5webengine should not use WEBENGINE_CONFIG

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Thu Feb 20 07:27:15 UTC 2020


--- Comment #2 from JeffyCN <jeffy.chen at rock-chips.com> ---
(In reply to Peter Seiderer from comment #1)
Hi Peter,

Thanks for noticing that.

We are using a custom version of buildroot(2018.02-rc3 with qt5 bumpped to

Configs: rockchip_*_defconfig, running on a few arm/arm64 based
platforms(rockchip evb boards)

We've tested minimal too, did see some issues on arm 32bit platforms:
1/ 5.12.2 would report segfaults, should be fine for the newer versions(e.g.

2/ I can't recall the exact phenomenon, could be the same as RaspberryPi's...

It seems like the chromium might be compiled with different fpu setting than
the other packages on arm 32bit platform, which is because it would try to
detect neon support from the qt5base's CFLAGS and currently buildroot would not
specify that there, but embedded in the gcc toolchain instead:

qt5webengine-5.12.2$ vi src/core/config/linux.pri
    # TODO: use neon detection from qtbase
    !lessThan(MARMV, 8) {
        gn_args += arm_use_neon=true
    } else {
        MFPU = $$extractCFlag("-mfpu=.*")
        !isEmpty(MFPU):contains(MFPU, ".*neon.*") {
            gn_args += arm_use_neon=true
        } else {
            gn_args += arm_use_neon=false
            # If the toolchain does not explicitly specify to use NEON
            # we use arm_neon_optional for ARMv7
            equals(MARMV, 7): gn_args += arm_optionally_use_neon=true


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