[Buildroot] "PATCH": hack to be able to build Rust targetting MIPS

Vincent Fazio vfazio at xes-inc.com
Thu Feb 6 17:50:35 UTC 2020


On 2/6/20 11:18 AM, Alex Corcoles wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Just managed to get everything working. I've documented the whole 
> process at:
> https://github.com/alexpdp7/retrofw2-rust
> The problems are:
> 1) Rust updated their mips targets to mips32r2, while the kind of 
> devices I'm using are plain non-r1 mips32. I created a patch for 
> buildroot that patches Rust (on top of a patch I found that bumps it 
> to Rust 1.40.0) to use the proper instruction set. I've opened a bug 
> to see if they change the target or add a new one at:
> https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/68865
I'm not familiar with Rust, but there should be a cleaner way to set the 
target cpu than hacking the default. Preferably the target MIPS cpu 
selected within Buildroot would inform the target cpu?

A quick search seems to suggest this may be possible 

target = "mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu"

rustflags = [
   "-C", "link-arg=-EL",
   "-C", "target-cpu=mips32",
   "-C", "target-feature=+mips32,-mips32r2,-fpxx,-nooddspreg",

> 2) buildroot doesn't support building Rust for uclibc, I hardcoded 
> that. It would be nice to write a proper solution to this, but I'm not 
> familiar enough with buildroot. Does anyone know where I could request 
> that?
> 3) I had some issues with sdl-mixer, which I fixed by pulling 
> RetroFW's sdl-mixer. This is even more terrible, but I have even less 
> idea about how to fix it.
> Cheers,
> Álex
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