[Buildroot] "PATCH": hack to be able to build Rust targetting MIPS

Alex Corcoles alex at corcoles.net
Thu Feb 6 17:18:37 UTC 2020

Hi guys,

Just managed to get everything working. I've documented the whole process


The problems are:

1) Rust updated their mips targets to mips32r2, while the kind of devices
I'm using are plain non-r1 mips32. I created a patch for buildroot that
patches Rust (on top of a patch I found that bumps it to Rust 1.40.0) to
use the proper instruction set. I've opened a bug to see if they change the
target or add a new one at:


2) buildroot doesn't support building Rust for uclibc, I hardcoded that. It
would be nice to write a proper solution to this, but I'm not familiar
enough with buildroot. Does anyone know where I could request that?

3) I had some issues with sdl-mixer, which I fixed by pulling RetroFW's
sdl-mixer. This is even more terrible, but I have even less idea about how
to fix it.



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