[Buildroot] [PATCH] linux/linux.mk: use HOST_MAKE_ENV rather than TARGET_MAKE_ENV

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at bootlin.com
Sun Feb 2 20:07:18 UTC 2020

On Fri, 31 Jan 2020 18:49:39 +0100
Peter Korsgaard <peter at korsgaard.com> wrote:

> While the kernel is built for the target, the build may need various host
> libraries depending on config (and kernel version), so use HOST_MAKE_ENV
> instead of TARGET_MAKE_ENV.
> In particular, this ensures that our host-pkgconf will look for host
> libraries and not target ones.
> Fixes building scripts/dtc for Buildroot configurations enabling libyaml and
> host-pkgconf for kernels after commit 067c650c45 (dtc: Use pkg-config to
> locate libyaml).
> With this enabled, we can drop the PKG_CONFIG_* variables for the
> _NEEDS_HOST_LIBELF conditional, as those are included in HOST_MAKE_ENV.
> Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <peter at korsgaard.com>
> ---
>  linux/linux.mk | 12 +++++-------
>  1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

Applied to master, thanks.

Thomas Petazzoni, CTO, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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