[Buildroot] [PATCH 2/2] package/matchbox-desktop: needs -ldl

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at bootlin.com
Sun Dec 8 14:47:09 UTC 2019

On Wed, 20 Nov 2019 20:06:12 +0100
Fabrice Fontaine <fontaine.fabrice at gmail.com> wrote:

> > I'd like to understand what is really going on here, because there are
> > build more recent than this one, which do build successfully:
> >     http://autobuild.buildroot.org/results/c9c/c9c02c2c6d29f447c82adf9c05c141f288de1754/
> >
> > So definitely, the autoreconf does work in some cases.
> >
> > So, can we identify the reason it fails in some caes and not in others?  
> Build failures started on October 22nd so perhaps this issue is also
> linked to commit 9cc8680fe54c0b8f5008158e36e2157127f03a7e.
> There is already discussions ongoing about if for gmpc that missed -lm
> (https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/1186343/) and libv4l that missed
> -latomic (https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/1186541).

I did a test, and I can confirm that
http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/1204728/ fixes the matchbox-desktop
build issue, and makes this patch not needed.

Thomas Petazzoni, CTO, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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