[Buildroot] Report of the Buildroot Developer meeting October 21-22 2017, Prague

Arnout Vandecappelle arnout at mind.be
Wed Oct 25 19:45:11 UTC 2017

 Hi all,

 Last weekend, October 21-22 2017, we held a Buildroot Developer meeting in
conjunction with ELC-E / OSS-E in Prague. You can find the report of the meeting
at [1]. The full report is too long to repeat here, but these are the highlights.

 First of all, a warm thank you to the MacGyver hackerspace and particularly our
host Petr Barton for welcoming us. It was a really nice environment, it put us
right in the mood for a hacking session, and Petr helped us a lot when we had
problems with food delivery and by posting the status of Patchwork on a LED display.

 The (according to me) most important and relevant points discussed were:

* Support for "language" package managers. On the one hand, we will document in
the FAQ why they don't work. On the other hand, we have to accept that they are
coming (cfr. npm). Although for Python and Lua it works out quite well by just
adding packages.

* Evaluation of LTS releases. There is general agreement that they are important
and we'll continue doing it. How to contribute to the LTS branch should be

* The gitlab mirror[2] gets mirrored again (pushed from the autobuild server,
rather than triggered from gitlab itself) and the gitlab-CI tests[3] run.

* The Buildroot association needs more attention. We should use the money for
something useful rather than just funding the bank. Some ideas both for
gathering money and for spending it were proposed.

* Google Summer of Code: Buildroot will not participate in GSoC'18.

* Top-level parallel build: we had a fruitful discussion about various aspects.
The most important open point is what to do when multiple packages write/update
the same file. The idea is to not allow that in top-level parallel build. But
first, we'll try to evaluate how bad this problem is by reporting it in the

* The patchwork queue has been reduced by about 80 patches (patches keep getting
posted while we work on it so it's hard to count exactly).

 Yes, this long list is the summary of the summary of what was discussed :-)

 Here is the list of action points from the meeting:
* Alexey will try Buildroot on WSL and MacOS.
* Arnout will add the requirements for "language" package managers, and the
conclusion that this is not possible, to the FAQ.
* Alexey will document the way something can be marked for the LTS branches.
* Arnout will write a web page that invites people to become a member of the
Buildroot Association and that explains what will be done with the money.
* Peter will ask OSUOSL if it is feasible that they host sources.buildroot.org
and autobuild.buildroot.org.
* Thomas will set up a Paypal account for the association, so non-EU members can
pay easily.

Finally, also a thank you to Essensium/Mind[4] for sponsoring the Sunday evening

 We forgot to decide on the next Buildroot Developer meeting, but normally it
should be after FOSDEM, Mon-Tue February 5-6 2018.


[1] https://elinux.org/Buildroot:DeveloperDaysELCE2017
[2] https://gitlab.com/buildroot.org/buildroot
[3] https://gitlab.com/buildroot.org/buildroot/pipelines
[4] http://mind.be   <-- Check out the new website!

[*] Yes, it feels weird to thank myself :-)

Arnout Vandecappelle                          arnout at mind be
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Essensium/Mind                                http://www.mind.be
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