[Buildroot] Firmware auto-loading does not work

Guillaume GARDET - Oliséo guillaume.gardet at oliseo.fr
Wed Jan 25 12:56:22 UTC 2017

Le 25/01/2017 à 13:51, Peter Korsgaard a écrit :
>>>>>> "Guillaume" == Guillaume GARDET <- Oliséo <guillaume.gardet at oliseo.fr>> writes:
>   > Hello,
>   > I am using buildroot 2016.05 (with a 2.6.37 kernel) and firmware
>   > auto-loading does not work. I need to do it manually (through
>   > sysfs). I tried mdev and eudev, both are not working.
>   > Is there a known bug about that? In busybox, maybe?
> If you have tried both eudev and mdev, then it is unlikely to be a bug
> in busybox (mdev). Are you using busybox modprobe applet or kmod?

This is not a problem of module loading (it is working fine) but loading _firmware_ to devices for the WiFi dongle in my case.

Without the _firmware_ loading, the device does not work. I need to load the firmware manually through the sysfs.


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