[Buildroot] [PATCH v2] gcc: coexist upstream with vendor git releases for mb and arc

Spenser Gilliland spenser at gillilanding.com
Tue Jan 28 23:34:35 UTC 2014

>  Can you explain this is bit better? I don't see the advantage at the
> moment...

The advantage of this approach is that as soon as upstream gcc
supports the microblaze or arc architecture, the only change required
is to remove depends on !BR2_microblaze or !BR2_arc for that release.

>  After this patch, the version is sometimes set in Config.in.host and
> sometimes in gcc.mk. I really don't like that...

I understand.  See below for a possible fix.  Let me know if you think
this is better.

>> Signed-off-by: Spenser Gilliland <spenser at gillilanding.com>
>> ---
>>   package/gcc/gcc.mk         | 6 ++++--
>>   1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
>> diff --git a/package/gcc/gcc.mk b/package/gcc/gcc.mk
>> index 236297d..dd99604 100644
>> --- a/package/gcc/gcc.mk
>> +++ b/package/gcc/gcc.mk
>> @@ -19,10 +19,12 @@ ifneq ($(GCC_SNAP_DATE),)
>>   GCC_SITE = ftp://gcc.gnu.org/pub/gcc/snapshots/$(GCC_SNAP_DATE)/
>>   else ifeq ($(findstring avr32,$(GCC_VERSION)),avr32)
>>   GCC_SITE = ftp://www.at91.com/pub/buildroot/
>> -else ifeq ($(BR2_arc),y)
>> +else ifeq ($(findstring git,$(GCC_VERSION))$(BR2_arc),gity)

instead of above do something like

-else ifeq ($(BR2_arc),y)
+else ifeq (BR2_GCC_VERSION_4_8_ARC,y)

>>   GCC_SITE = $(call
>> github,foss-for-synopsys-dwc-arc-processors,gcc,$(GCC_VERSION))
>>   GCC_SOURCE = gcc-$(GCC_VERSION).tar.gz
>> -else ifeq ($(BR2_microblaze),y)
>> +else ifeq ($(findstring git,$(GCC_VERSION))$(BR2_microblaze),gity)

and instead of the above possibly

-else ifeq ($(BR2_arc),y)
+else ifeq (BR2_GCC_VERSION_4_9_MICROBLAZE,y)

>>   GCC_SITE = $(call github,Xilinx,gcc,$(GCC_VERSION))
>>   GCC_SOURCE = gcc-$(GCC_VERSION).tar.gz
>>   else

Also, updating the AVR32 code to work in the same manner would probably be best.


Spenser Gilliland
Computer Engineer
Doctoral Candidate

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