[Buildroot] Does MIP64 ABI 64 support dynamic linking?

Michael Feldman mfeldman at Airspan.com
Tue Apr 30 18:55:06 UTC 2013


I built a buildroot MIPS64 BE rootfs for my XLP-based custom board (running currently an angstrom-based distribution built with gcc-4.4.5) using last version of buildroot.
The build procedure was quite smooth. However, when I tried to run the rootfs image (mounted on NFS), the system crashed immediately as linuxrc couldn't run.
I recompiled busybox as statically linked executable and replaced login in inittab to get directly into ash, without password. As result, I get the shell prompt and even succeed to run builtin commands of the shell, but as soon as I try to run any external command, even an applet of busybox, the shell crashes.
I haven't dug into the problem (and I don't have tools to do that, since it's impossible run any debug program on the board).

Has anybody faced this problem and has a hint how to solve it?

Thank you,

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