[Buildroot] add fcgi-2.4.0 package to buildroot

Rico Bachmann bachmann at tofwerk.com
Wed Sep 28 10:18:51 UTC 2011

Am 21.09.2011, 11:29 Uhr, schrieb Rico Bachmann  
<bachmann at tofwerk.com>:

> Am 19.09.2011, 22:46 Uhr, schrieb Thomas Petazzoni  
> <thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com>:
>> Can you post a proper patch (sent with git send-email so that it
>> doesn't get screwed up by your e-mail client) so that we can test and
>> help you in fixing the problem?
>> Thanks!
>> Thomas
> As soon as I've done a proper patch, i will send it.
> But I could use a moment. I'm really a newbie in that section

Is there a good tutorial to use git send-email, at the moment i have a  
that allows me to build my rootfs with the libfcgi.
I attached the patches without git send-email. I hope it's not totaly  
screwed up.

How can i use the patch automatically in buildroot?
it should patch the make files from the libfcgi package after extracting  
them from the tarball.
At the moment I run make, wait for the error, patch the files, run make  
I think i have to add some commands in the libfcgi.mk file.

And should I commit my integration of libfcgi to the buildroot project?
Maybe there are other people that like to compile some fcgi applications  
directly on the embedded system.

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