[Buildroot] my todo list

Marcus Osdoba marcus.osdoba at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 19 10:22:57 UTC 2010

  Hi mailinglist,

Just to prevent redundant work, here is my planning list:

- be ready for corrections on util-linux-NG and xfsprogs after your reviews
- be ready for corrections on transmission bittorrent client after your 

- cups 1.3 installs in lib64 (which prevents correct work on the target) 
and is outdated, since I like to run my dockstar as a printserver I will 
take care of migrating to autotargets and make cups 1.4 to install 
correctly for 32bit targets

- current python is rather outdated (version from 2006?) - it's in my 
field of view to upgrade to a recent 2.6 version
- webif is an old version (2006?) and is very router specific - luci 
seems to be good replacement, but there seems too much work to do...


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