[Buildroot] Deprecate rp-pppoe package

Darcy Watkins DWatkins at tranzeo.com
Tue Jul 20 19:44:22 UTC 2010


I'll take that on early August when I get back from vacation.  I'll need
to set up to repeat the test case and probably want to also try it out
on a couple of other processors I have available (an ARM11 MX31 and an
x86 Atom as well as the PPC405).  And of course, upgrade the version

Buildroot doesn't have the freeradius client in it, so I'll probably
have to add that as well.



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On 07/06/2010 02:08 PM, Darcy L. Watkins wrote:

> Hello,
> Before you remove the rp-pppoe package from buildroot, I have a
> question.  Does the pppoe plugin for pppd include the access
> concentrator (AC) support in it as well?
> I ask this because most people only care about the client side and
> think much about the server side you connect it to.
> A while back, I cross compiled the AC functionality of rp-pppoe on
> powerpc, added a freeradius client and demo'd a simple embedded AC on
> AMCC Taihu involving, a private LAN, freeradius running on a server
> machine and a windows PC running its PPPoE client.  I was able to
> advertise numerous "services" from the Taihu and have the PC be able
> select and connect to them using PPPoE sessions.
> Regards,
> Darcy

Hmm we might keep rp-pppoe for server-side functionality.
Do you feel like migrating the package to the latest infrastructure and
updating to the latest version?

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