[Buildroot] at - fails if no HOST-sendmail.

Vellemans, Noel Noel.Vellemans at visionBMS.com
Wed Nov 18 09:56:35 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Just encountered an issue with the package 'at' .. when cross-compiling,
and I do not have any clue how I would fix it (maybe someone can help).

When cross-building 'at' on a HOST-system that has a NO 'sendmail'
program installed the compile bails out with the error "No mail command
specified" . ( FYI: sendmail does exist (is being build) on the TARGET
(but not on the host))

For the time-being I have installed 'nullmailer' on the host, which
makes my build work .. but this means that './configure' is looking at
the HOST-sendmail in stead of the TARGET-sendmail and this is where it
goes wrong !

Anyone knows a 'better' fix/solution ?

Regards Noel.

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