[Buildroot] [PATCH] Add thumb support to buildroot for the ARM architecture

Ivan Kuten ivan.kuten at promwad.com
Fri Mar 14 06:33:08 PDT 2008

Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> Hi,
> Any comments on that ? Are you interested in merging such a patch ?
> Thanks,
> Thomas

Hi Thomas!

Thanks for your excellent work! Before committing your patch I have a question:
have you tested it? on which CPU? which buildroot configs?
I'm asking this because for almost half of year I did not managed to build a good ARM EABI toolchain with buildroot.
Toolchain seems emit invalid instructions when building busybox. So I managed only to run
 very simple hello-world when set in cmdline init=hello-world, but not a busybox binary with shell, etc.
Boot process just hangs when busybox running. Magic-SysRq key shows that illegal instruction trap was involved.
What is surprising that rootfs can be launched ok on qemu with versatilepb machine emulation, but as I told fails
to run on real hardware S3C2440 CPU - 920T target.


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